Espresso And Coffee Machine Servicing

Coffee machine servicing is essential for you to be able to produce high quality beverages for your customers. If your machine is not performing as it should be even the best beans in the world can be spoiled. Even with regular group head cleaning, a build up of coffee residue behind the shower screen and in the group head is inevitable, this residue taints the water before it comes into contact with your freshly ground coffee.

As part of our standard on-site service the shower screens and group seals are replaced, group heads cleaned, water level probes de-scaled, water inlet and pressure pipes checked, pump pressure checked and adjusted if required, boiler check for limescale build up and general machine inspection.

Sussex water supplies have very high calcium levels, this causes rapid limescale build up, water filters (calcium treatment units) are an essential way to slow down this process. We can supply new filters or exchange units and advise on service intervals.

Get Your Machine Serviced

If you need your machine serviced please call 01273 738782 | 07974082969 or send us a message through the website.